Chieftains News · 62nd Annual Invitational Basketball Tournament

Our 62nd Annual Invitational Basketball Tournament will start on Monday, Jan-18.  The boys and girls brackets can be found at the links below.  The boys enter the tournament as the 3 seed and the girls enter as the 4 seed.  Due to COVID, we have spread out games between the east and west gyms each night.  Games will be at 4:00pm and 6:30pm, with the extra time in between for teams and communities from each school to exit before the next teams and communities come in.   Any game that Tonganoxie Boys and Girls play in will be live streamed by Tonganoxie Sports Live at:  All other games will be streamed at:  KSHSAA policies allow for only 2 parent/guardians of participants to attend each game.  We hope that anyone not able to attend will be able to enjoy the live streams.  Good luck to our boys and girls teams going into the tournament!

BBB Bracket 2021

GBB Bracket 2021.updated